The Visionaries

The Visionaries

by root-control

Winston Yap

Bringing more than a decade of sales and marketing experience in telecommunications industry to the company. His customer-oriented mindset attributes to the rapid growth of’s recognition as one of the top system integrators in Malaysia. Winston strongly believes in the importance of identifying strength of every employee, and their integrity is one of the key factors to the company’s success today.


Lo Cheng Nam

Stands out as a visionary young entrepreneur with the ability to consistently anticipate the demands of emerging industries. He enjoys taking up new business challenges and believes in creating value for others to bring convenience and technological breakthrough for the future development of innovative ICT.

Under his leadership,’s technology and solutions have also received numerous

accolades and reputable industry awards and is highly rated by many business partners worldwide.


Ryan Looi

Being in the Telecommunication industry for more than 15 years, Ryan is well equipped with both industry expertise and vast experiences in decision making roles. He is a remarkable problem solver who always prioritize clients’ needs and provides the best value for them. Ryan also leads his team to perform with integrity and creativity. As a resolute achiever, he is highly aware of the dynamic market requirements and is constantly driven to listen, observe, learn, and deliver the best solutions possible. His outstanding repertoire is mainly built on his strong sense of responsibility and reliability.