About Us


About Us

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About Us 

MSE DotNet ( was established in year 2009 with the objective of reduce bad user experience in network related issue. MSE DotNet has grown tremendously under the leadership of Mr. Winston Yap (MD and founder). We aim to be best service provider in IT & Networking industry with the principle of always deliver the most suitable network environment to customers.

Over a decade ago when the Internet was still regarded as a premium service or even as a luxury, we were regular young chaps (using colourless mobile phones!) hustling in the Telecommunication industry. We were highly driven to innovate and provide accessible Internet services to all businesses, and with that, our shared vision brought us together which eventually became the MSE DotNet today, from just the 3 of us and now to a team of 30.

MSE DotNet started in 2009, where Leased Lines were the only service provided then. By the second year, we started scaling bigger by outsourcing and delegating tasks to teams of contractors. Over the years, we have expanded rapidly where our services included providing infrastructure solutions, maintenance and support systems, hardware equipment, and also ventured into the hospitality, education, and even large development sectors.

We are proud of all our milestones achieved such as successfully pioneered GePON, deployed, implemented, and supported over 200 VPN sites, and many more which has greatly strengthened our market position in this industry today.

The current IT industry is highly dynamic and ever-changing with rapid technology advancements, and we are always pumped to be on the frontline with all the latest solutions and updates, so that we can serve our well deserving customers with the best that we have.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the leading partner of choice for providing cutting-edge IT enhancement and management to enable all businesses in this dynamic digital era to thrive and succeed.

Our Mission

We support businesses’ growth by maximising their IT potentials through providing top-notch, bespoke, and value-for-money solutions that enables them to achieve their visionary goals.

Who We Are

We are an expert IT integrator that enables businesses to thrive by equipping them with an optimal IT infrastructure and reliable support system tailored to meet their needs at an accessible price.

Our Values


To conduct business with the highest professional standards and ethics


To always deliver what we promise and to be accountable for our deliverables


To always be a step ahead and ready to adopt the latest technology and solutions


To be open minded and flexible with tuning our solutions to meet each customer’s specific requirements