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About MSE DotNet

MSE DotNet (MSE.NET) was established in year 2009 with the objective of reduce user bad experiences in network related issue. MSE DotNet has grown tremendously under the leadership of Mr. Winston Yap (MD & founder). We aim to be the best service provider in IT & Networking industry with the principle of always deliver the most suitable network environment to customers.

The meaning behind our brand


To manage businesses’ IT needs as a professional and reliable IT arm


To  serve businesses in their IT space by providing a solid and advanced support structure


To enhance and improve business users’ communication and networking experience


We place our clients in the centre of our business; serving their needs and meeting their requirements is at the top of our priority. In return, our clients place their trust in MSE DotNet to deliver services and infrastructure to propel their establishments forward. MSE DotNet emphasizes on providing the best possible products and services for our customers. Proposals are made only after throughout evaluation, guaranteeing that each solution meets our promise of excellence.


We proudly deliver our services to more than 100 International and local hotels across Malaysia. More than 10, 000 rooms and support more than 4,000.000 guests yearly with our 24 x7 NOC (Network Operations Center) team.


We also deploy our services in financial institution spanning across more than 100 branches and ATM machines across Malaysia. Around the clock monitoring and to ensure minimum downtimes and all transactions and secured and smooth.


Over the years, we have been offering our services to more than 100 corporate companies with our expertise, we customize and advise the best and cost effective solution to enhance our clients’ productivity and profitability. Industries that adopt our services include: Oil & Gas, Retails…. and others.


We offer multi-solutions in major industrial sectors, Logistics being one of them being. We are a trusted System Integrator for 1000+ customers and we help empower 150,000+ end users in Malaysia. This can only be ensured with precise management of the overall process involving staff management, security management, effective incident management and more.


Large facilities such as hospitals, medical universities and other special treatment facilities typically require a high-level of security and also demand top notch reliability. Comprehensive solutions for the hospitals typically include total security integration together with facility management solutions. Our solution provides significant cost savings for the maintenance budget and portray medical facilities to have a friendlier atmosphere.


Students are now entering the university electronic society, where most of the education related administration has become completely electronic. Following such trends, MSE DotNet offers unique solutions for educational institutions inclusive of student pass management, college residence management and many other effectively integrated systems fully optimized for the education industry.

Why Choose MSE DotNet

  • We are constantly learning and adopting the latest technologies and solutions
  • We are flexible with tailoring our solutions to meet all of our customers’ specific requirements
  • We always priorities customers’ needs and provide reliable premium services at an accessible price
  • We are well experienced in this industry with over 10 years solid knowledge and expertise

Our Services Bring Benefits for All Businesses that:-

  • Wants to adopt top grade IT solutions to support their business operations and development – the most cost efficient way
  • Wants to expand and upgrade their IT infrastructure and solution
  • Wants to outsource their IT management to a team of reliable expertise
  • Wants to resolve their existing communication  problems (e.g. Networking hiccups, bandwidth limitations, underused equipment capacity, etc.)


We are proud to be acknowledged for our capability to fulfil our client’s requirements with full satisfaction through our determination, dedication, and teamwork. In partnership with more than 50 of the best partners around the world, we promise to continue to render the best service while maintaining our reputation and good record for a long-term partnership.