Passive Optical Network

Passive Optical Network

by root-control

Many organizations today are demanding larger bandwidth for subscribers to offer HDTV, MoD, VoIP and online services.

The options for organizations to cater for decent bandwidth are still dependent on the mixed network architecture, and these new demands are being met by the deeper penetration of fiber optics being deployed in the Access Network.

Our GPON/GePON offering are mainly designed for property developers, hospitality, healthcare and large scale mixed developments. Passive optical network (PON) access architecture is the accepted choice of triple-play (voice, video, and data) service delivery from service providers to the end users in FTTH (fiber-to-the-home) access networks.

Instead of just service providers, we are the pioneers in implementing GePON in the hospitality (hotel) industry. Our GePON solution is a full-fledged integrated triple play solution to deliver TV, Internet & Phone services on a single platform.