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MSE Cloud Launching Ceremony


On 24th June 2022, we had successfully launched our own cloud which may assist you to improve your business operation and lower down operation cost in long-run.

Thank you to all the attendees, partners and the sponsors who attended MSE Cloud Launching Ceremony 🙂




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Birthday Celebration


Celebrate birthday with an awesome team at Ole Ole Bali. Food was good and glad everyone was happy. Happy birthday to May-August babies 🤍 

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Thriller Night at Hauntu

It was an amazing experience at Hauntu! We love how interactive the game is and your decision plays an important role to what you’ll experience. We definitely enjoyed the performance, journey and storytelling .

Given the amount of time you spend at work each week, the people you work with can become more than your colleagues — they can also become your friends. However, if you want to develop a real relationship with those you work with, you need to spend time with them outside the office